Discover the area

Here you can find links to other websites/posts giving details of walks in and around Slattocks/Stakehill/Thornham Fold and beyond:

Beneath Whose Feet

Slattocks & Thornfields-Circular


Oakenbank Wood Circular from Slattocks

Slattocks-Thornham Fold-Thornfields-Circular

Slattocks-Stakehill-Healds Green-Circular

Slattocks to Tandle-Hill

Don’t Forget

Lock your vehicle – if you came in one!

Along your route:

  • Thornham Lane and other roads/lanes are used by farm and other vehicles. Also, you can’t always hear cyclists and runners approach behind you. Always be alert.
  • Keep your pets under control and if near livestock, on a lead.
  • Do not leave any litter, unless it’s in a proper bin.
  • Collect and carry your pet’s droppings in a bag until you find a bin. Do not leave it or throw it in a hedge.
  • Conditions along these routes can vary and become muddy and wet depending on the weather conditions on the day. Always wear/take appropriate clothing – you never know if the weather will catch you out.
  • Carry something to eat and drink – to help maintain enough energy to complete the route.
  • Stop and rest if you need to – It’s not a race.
  • Carry a mobile phone (have you charged it?) in case of an emergency.

Lastly, smile and say hello to the people you meet
Enjoy yourself

If you take photos along your route, we’ve love to include them in our Gallery: