#GMSF 2020

The third public consultation on the Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Job and the Environment, commonly known as the GMSF, runs for 8 weeks from 1st December 2020 and ending 26th January 2021 .
Before this each of the ten local councils that make up the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) will vote in late November 2020 to approve the GMSF plan.

Click the link to show details that have been published on the local allocation sites:


GMA26-Trows Farm

GMA21-Castleton sidings

Please be aware that these documents show what are called ‘indicative’ or conceptual plans.

They show what may happen – not what definitely will happen

None of the details shown are anywhere near detailed enough for a formal planning application – whilst the Stakehill “North zone” shows that the developer has spent time/money on surveys.
Undoubtedly the developers will have had significant discussions on these proposals with Rochdale Council’s planning officers.

We must stop Green Belt being deregulated
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