GMSF Consultation [Jan-March 2019]- Find your comments

Following the second GMSF Consultation all the responses have been published.
If you submitted comments to the consultation you should have received an email or letter from the GMCA thanking you.
In this they will have given you a link containing a unique number through which you can search their spreadsheet for your comments.

The link below will take you to the ‘GMSF Responses’ web page and give you instructions on how to search for your comments, and those of the 17,000+ people who also wanted to make sure their voice was being heard.

Here’s the link to the GMSF Responses web page:

Responses to GMSF Consultation [Jan-Mar 2019]

GMSF – Consultation (Jan-March ’19)

Summary – (Published October 2019)

Of particular interest is the section on GM2: Stakehill (pages 81 – 84) and ‘New Sites Submitted’ (page 282 – Rochdale)

Click the link below

GMSF Consultation Summary

Detail of Responses/Comments

Take a look at the spreadsheet below to check that your comments were included in the consultation.

Alternatively, click the link below:


Delay announced next GMSF Consultation

The Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA) which is made of the 10 Greater Manchester Councils, including Rochdale, have now analysed and published the results of the GMSF Consultation (held Jan-March 2019).

Many residents from Slattocks and Stakehill sent in comments on the 2nd draft of the proposals.

Out of some 51 separate allocations/sites, our local allocation, GM Allocation 2: Stakehill, had the ninth highest number of comments, some 982.

This shows the strength of feeling amongst the local community in wanting a ‘have a say’ in the future of the area.

The GMCA publicity statement can be seen at the link below.

GMCA Statement

Results of the Consultation (Jan-March 2019)

“The proposed site allocation policies generated a significant number of responses with most focusing on loss of Green Belt”

The above quote is directly from the Report and reinforces just how much people across Greater Manchester feel about the plans.

Clicking the link below will take you to the GMSF report for September 2019.
Then go to Page 73

GMSF Report