Help Stop Fly Tipping

Anyone using the local lanes, footpaths and bridleways will have seen piles of fly tipping from time to time [see photos below]. Nobody likes it.

Usually it happens under cover of darkness so the perpetrators aren’t seen. We suspect most of this is done by:

 – unscrupulous builders who don’t want to pay at Council tips. 

–  drug growers needing to get rid of old plants.

For some reason, ordinary household waste is dumped – why?
Are people using a company vehicle to dump their household waste?

Local tips have long opening hours:
Rochdale waste disposal/recycling centres
Oldham waste disposal/recycling centres


Please take photos of fly tipping and a note of the location, then report it to the Council.

Depending on the location, click the Rochdale or Oldham link below:

Rochdale – Fly tipping

Oldham – Fly tipping

Further information :  Nation Fly Tipping Prevention Group